The easiest, fastest, safest way to take that perfect selfie.

There you are, taking that new selfie or profile pic. Ever fearful of dropping your phone because you're trying to balance it while holding it with just your fingertips, trying to hold it at just the right angle and trying to push the shutter button - all at the same time! You almost always end up using two hands. Then after the photo is taken, you have to switch apps to preview it. You start all over again if its not quite right. After all that, the moment is gone.

Don't miss the moment ever again. Take photos as quickly as you can and instantly decide which ones to keep. Shutter Up allows you grab that selfie, while firmly hanging onto your phone and tapping the shutter with your thumb.

• For iPhone and iPod Touch

• Easy, fast, one hand operation

• Shutter button is on top so you can firmly grab hold

• Three easy steps: Take selfie, instant preview, swipe to keep or delete

• Supports front and rear facing cameras

• Uses simulated flash for front camera and built in flash for rear camera

• Three second timer option for primping and posing

My True North is a different kind of compass. It's not based on GPS directions or the top of the globe. My True North is the internal compass that points to the places that are most important to you - your home, your loved ones, religious locations - the places you cherish most in your life. Just as a compass points toward the magnetic pole, My True North points you in the direction of your most cherished places.

• For iPhone and iPod Touch

• Compass points to your true north

• Use Maps to pinpoint locations

• Use Contacts to select an address

• Select images to represent locations

• Add, reorder and remove locations
My True North
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Water is a very important world resource. With drought in many states, water usage is becoming much more restrictive. Performing waterless carwashes can help save tons of water since a traditional carwash can use up to 140 gallons.

We provide Eco-Friendly Waterless carwashes.
Anytime, anywhere... We come to you!

Use the Aquawashes app to book your Aquawash today!

    • Select your level of service

    • Identify your location on the map

    • Enter information about you and your vehicle

    • Book your Aquawash
Spell It Out
Spell It Out for Mac
Have fun while learning how to spell out words using the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. Many words, letters and numbers sound similar and can be easily misunderstood - especially over the phone. Phonetics help you properly spell and pronounce them.

• For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Mac

• Convert letters to phonics using the NATO phonetic alphabet

• Spell words out one letter at a time and by using text to speech

• Save your favorite names, words  and phrases

• Add, reorder and remove favorites

• Portrait and lanscape viewing on iOS

• Full screen viewing on Mac

• Use iCloud to share favorites with your other devices
No more scrolling through an endless list of browser bookmarks. Access your favorite web sites using a gallery of image thumbnails. Use the built-in browser to locate, save and access your favorite web sites.

• For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac

• Save and access links to your favorite web sites as a gallery
   of images

• Open links in Top Sites or other favorite web browsers
   (iOS | Safari, Opera, Chrome or Photon) (Mac | Safari)

• Search for sites using your favorite search engine
   (Google, Yahoo! or Bing)

• Reorder, resize and delete gallery links

• Portrait and lanscape viewing on iOS

• Full screen viewing on Mac
Top Sites
Top Sites for Mac
Shutter Up
Aquawashes is currently available in these California locations.

    • Alamo, CA                  • Antioch, CA         • Blackhawk, CA          • Brentwood, CA          • Concord, CA             • Danville, CA

    • Discovery Bay, CA     • Martinez, CA        • Oakley, CA                 • Pittsburg, CA             • Pleasant Hill, CA      • San Ramon, CA

    • Walnut Creek, CA