Shutter Up
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The easiest, fastest, safest way to take that perfect selfie.

There you are, taking that new selfie or profile pic. Ever fearful of dropping your phone because you're trying to balance it while holding it with just your fingertips, trying to hold it at just the right angle and trying to push the shutter button - all at the same time! You almost always end up using two hands. Then after the photo is taken, you have to switch apps to preview it. You start all over again if its not quite right. After all that, the moment is gone.

Don't miss the moment ever again. Take photos as quickly as you can and instantly decide which ones to keep. Shutter Up allows you grab that selfie, while firmly hanging onto your phone and tapping the shutter with your thumb.

• For iPhone and iPod Touch

• Easy, fast, one hand operation

• Shutter button is on top so you can firmly grab hold

• Three easy steps: Take selfie, instant preview, swipe to keep or delete

• Supports front and rear facing cameras

• Uses simulated flash for front camera and built in flash for rear camera

• Three second timer option for primping and posing